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Canoeing around the Cairngorms

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In Canoeing around the Cairngorms, incredible scenery provides the backdrop for what becomes a mental, as well as physical, adventure through storm-tossed seas and fierce whitewater rapids.

Experiences in the outdoors, Nicol argues, encourage feelings of respect, curiosity, wonder and awe for the planet that sustains us. He digs deep into his own experiences to explore how individuals and society might respond to the problems of a contemporary world characterised by a changing atmosphere, degraded sea and landscapes, and reduced biodiversity.

Robbie Nicol is a senior lecturer in outdoor and environmental education at Moray House School of Education, the University of Edinburgh.

“This is a thoughtful and well written book which works on two levels – the story of an exciting and challenging adventure by canoe, as well as an examination of our relationships with the natural world, environmental issues and the concept of sustainability.”
Book review on the “Song of the paddle” forum

Canoeing around the Cairngorms - photo by Robbie NIcol


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